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and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive. captioned by the national captioning institute dog killed. police opened fire on a dog in adams morgan. what led up to the shooting. and some very scary moments at a popular street fair in adams morgan. police shot and killed a dog on 18th street in middle of the afternoon. brianne carter is live. what happened?
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>> this all happened just a few streets away from where i am standing, as you said, in busy adams morgan. people were surprised. it was the adams morgan day festival, and a police officer opened fire on a dog. >> some dogs barking. >> around 1:00, two dogs began fighting outside on 18th street. >> they tried to help them, separate them. someone got hurt. >> that is when witnesses say police arrived and tried to stop the dispute. >> i saw two or three cops surrounding a pit bull. as it was on the leash, the pit bull was trying to attack.
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>> the policeman fired one shot at the dog. authorities confirmed an officer shot the dog but are yet to release any information about what led up to the shooting. people at the festival were surprised. >> i was hoping it was a firecracker or something not serious, but it ended up being something more serious than that. >> at least one man suffered a small scrape on his hand from this but is said to be ok. there is confusion as to the type of dog. witnesses say they believe it was a pit bull, but authorities say they believe the dog was a rottweiler korea reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news -- was a rottweiler. reporting live. some bodies were found at ellicott city house after a
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child went to say that they were injured. they are now investigating the deaths as a domestic dispute. the three children, who lived at the house, have been placed with a relative. and now, the latest on the d.c. mayor's race. a youtube video services, and what it appears to show is now being debated. richard reeve is live with what is new in the of interrogations -- is new -- with what is new in the investigation. >> gift cards and votes. >> can i get a gift card if i vote? >> this is not something we would do in our campaign. >> and the voters are talking about it. >> this is not something we would do. >> it shows two women discussing how to get a supermarket gift card. >> you go vote, and you get back
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on. >> who do i vote for, gray? >> you can vote for yourself. >> fenty says he has never seen the video. but he says the gray campaign was giving away the cards in exchange for taking them to the polls. >> they typically let them know that it would be a gift card in exchange for a vote. >> gray says that neither he nor his campaign is giving out a gift cards for votes. >> i do not think it had anything to do with our campaign. >> all of this follows an abc7 news investigation that found that someone allegedly offering people a $100 per day job in exchange for their votes. >> i do not think it should be
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bought. >> i find it cynical and discouraging. there is so much of that these days. >> gray is calling for a federal investigation into the alleged job offers by the fenty campaign. the mayor calls in an isolated incidents, and only one worker was involved. they are turning over information about the gift cards to the u.s. attorney's office. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. today, tea party supporters brought their message to washington. >> no more obama! >> they marched to the capital for their second annual 9/12 march. they wanted to make their message clear before the midterm election, advocating lower taxes. and house minority leader john boehner says they also want
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to rein in spending. he said he would support president obama's plan to extend the tax cuts only for the middle-class and not the wealthy. >> i think that is bad policy. i do not think that is going to help our economy. we have got to cut spending. if we cut spending, we will help our economy. >> john boehner says he supports a rolling back government spending to the levels of 2008, which he says are 22% lower than the current rate. we finally got some much- needed rain today, and meteorologist steve rudin has the answer about rain for the redskins game. >> for the upcoming football game this evening, the kickoff just about 8:20, skies clear, temperatures in the 60's. three-quarters of an inch in upper marlboro, a little over six tenths of an inch in
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alexandria, and at children's hospital, 0.61 at children's hospital. this is moving out of here. we will look for high pressure to come back into the area. we will take a look at that in much more detail. today was the coolest days since the middle of may. we hit a high in the low or 70's. >> all right, football level. thanks, steve. excitement is building for the redskins game, and it is against a longtime rival, the dallas cowboys. fans have high hopes, right, for the game? >> i would say. stands right now are arriving right now en force -- fans are arriving. this has helped fire of fans -- fir up fans, as if they needed
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it. they soaked in up on the jumbotrons. the damp start did not hamper anyone. >> 4.5 hours of rain. fans counted down the hours until the kickoff against dallas. there were plenty of blues -- boos. >> no hair pulling or scratching. >> redskins' fans are put in last year's record behind them and focusing on the future. -- are putting last year's record behind them. >> a big change this year, i hope. i think we have got a real good chance this year. >> many fans say they plan to continue to tail gate after the game to try to avoid all of the
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traffic that they have been dealing with, although some drivers have said it is not too bad, being spread out. 90 minutes away from kickoff, we are live at fedex field, julie parker, abc7 news. >> all right, thanks a lot, julie, and we will have more on tonight's game coming up at sports. coming up, a disturbing discovery. a baby is found in a trash bag at an airport. plus, there is new hope for someone in jail. and the latest in the investigation
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a shocking discovery and a filipino airport today.
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officers found a newborn baby stuffed into a trash bag. the airplane had traveled from bahrain and landed in manila. the baby was covered in blood and wrapped in tissue paper, and they say he is going to be ok. the baby was turned over to a social worker at the airport. an american j-lo in iran for more than one year may be released later this week -- an american jailed in iran. last week, the iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad promised shourd would be freed on generic terry and grounds, but he was overruled. -- on humanitarian grounds, but he was overruled. and there was a deadly shooting rampage yesterday where a man shot his wife and others before killing himself. they were facing eviction, and
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neighbors say he would often shoot off guns and had a very violent temper. the latest now in a natural gas explosion that leveled a neighborhood in san francisco. some residents whose homes were destroyed returned to get their belongings. they now say four people were killed instead of seven. five people are still missing and feared dead. still, abc7 news, a gloomy sunday, but what can you expert at -- what can you expect?
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all right, pull up your chair and get ready. oprah winfrey promises this will
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be the best season yet, her last. we already know that she will kick up her heels with actor john travolta, and she says there will be an unforgettable surprise on the show. >> millions to everyone in the audience. that will be a good day. >> it will not be a gift for a particular person. it will be something larger than that. >> the big surprise will be revealed tomorrow, and you can catch it right here on abc7 starting at 4:00. >> i can hardly wait. >> yes, i know. a lot of happy people today, especially with the rain. a lot of people were upset with the clubs, but just in time for the football game, some sunshine outside. a little bit after 7:00, 7:15- sh, -- 7:15-ish.
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look at the rain totals, 66 in landover with 1.25 inches. it made it up to 69 degrees in landover. almost half an inch of rainfall, the same for howard university. in the district, 69 for the high, and a high as 74 degrees in aldie, currently 70 degrees. but the high today was 73 degrees. today was the coolest since may 19. the most ray we have had at the airport since august 12. can -- the most rain we have had. that is when the sunshine popped out. yesterday, in the 60's. tomorrow, in the 80's.
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we will look for temperatures near average for the next couple of days as high pressure builds back across the mid-atlantic. some clouds tomorrow night, and then breezy conditions for tuesday. all of the rain we have had has pushed off shore. allegany county, western west virginia, the panhandle of west virginia, looking at clouds at this hour across the delmarva. a quick look at the traffic for you, a category 4 storm for you. sustained winds at 140 m.p.h., expected to become a category 5 hurricane as soon as wednesday, and this right here, this could develop into another. here it is. this is our forecast. areas of fog, partly cloudy, temperatures in the 50's. tomorrow, in the 70's, and then
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it will turn sunny with high temperatures just around the 85- degree mark. lots of sunshine coming up. if we will take a look at the extended outlook. breezy conditions on tuesday in a chance for some showers on friday. >> and we do not need an umbrella for tonight's redskins game. which we figured out earlier. ponchos are available. >> ponchos are available. all eyes are turning on fedex field. here is the new skins quarterback and donovan mcnabb as he arrived earlier at the stadium for his first redskins- cowboys game. stadium for his first redskins- cowboys game. we will go
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all right, here we go. we are just about one hour away from kickoff. a new era in redskins football. mike shanahan levy and his team on the field against the dallas cowboys -- leading his team on the field. fans have been partying all day, and they are ready for some football. >> they are, and they are just chanting, "we want dallas." it is reported gains worth -- haynes is not expected to start tonight, and as far as number five goes, donovan mcnabb knows this too well. he had one shot in both games combined. tony romo had the three-game advantage over donovan mcnabb when they went head-to-head, but
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you better believe that donovan mcnabb is ready for redemption. >> i am sure everyone in washington is going to be fired up. it we are fired up. this is a big time rival, so you do not need any more motivation. >> we also have to watch donovan blindside. tonight, he will face off against one of the premier pass rushers, and in a final note, a fellow rookie is on the inactive list tonight. back to you. back to you. >> thanks. of course, a lot of more action going on this afternoon. the giants and panthers, looking to change this, he throws it up. the giants are up, and that come
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the panthers. -- back, the panthers. -- back come the panthers. \ touchdown, giants. 31-18. here is the second-half kickoff. running and running and running. 97 yards, a touchdown patriots. they beat the bengals a big, 38-24. jason campbell. do you remember him? the oakland raiders. in the second quarter, figuring out where he left off last season. 76 yards. they go on to win, the titans, a 38-13. and a final look, the marlins of
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the park, 6-5, but all eyes are on fedex field. >> a new coach, knew everything. >> a new era. >> a new coach, knew everything. >> a new era. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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we needed that rain. >> we did. all of the rain is out of your adjusted time for the football game. we have the work and school week starting off on a dry note, but there could be some delays, especially -- there are no advisory's right now. breezy conditions on tuesday. rightre are no advisories
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now. tomorrow morning, the fog will burn off by around 9:30 or 10:00. >> i noticed some leaves on my car this morning. it looked like fall. all right, thanks for joining us.
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